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This repository should provide a simple Gemfile, that may be used to initialize
your ruby environment, such that it works with ChiliProject.


*TODO:* Explain how to use this.


Listed are some restrictions, that are included in this Gemfile, that are not
neccessarily based on ChiliProject but other external restrictions.

Debian Lenny

Target operating system is currently Debian Stable. This may result in the need
to use older versions of some gems, than technically possible. This is most
notably the following gems

* sqlite3-ruby must be older than 1.3
* rmagick must be older than 2.0

mysql Gem and Ruby 1.8.6

The mysql gem exposes a bug in newer releases of Ruby 1.8.6. In order to make
it work, you should either use a Ruby version older than or equal to 1.8.6-p388
or a mysql gem version older or equal to 2.7. Please note, that this
restriction cannot be properly expressed in a Gemfile.

*Warning:* Ruby 1.8.6 releases before p420 contain a XSS vunerability in
webrick [CVE-2010-0541].

You can safely use the latest release of the mysql gem in combination with the
latest releases of Ruby 1.8.7 and Ruby 1.9.2.

mysql2 Gem

Please be aware, that the mysql2 gem is not as powerful as the mysql gem. In
the context of a Rails application it is not able to properly execute the
following rake tasks:

* db:create and db:create:all
* db:drop and db:drop:all
* db:test:prepare

You can either use the mysql gem for these tasks or live/work completely
without them. Simply create or drop your database with other tools and run the
migrations for your test database explicitly by calling 
`RAILS_ENV=test rake db:migrate`.


If we got something wrong, you are running into dependency or installation
issues, using other platforms or need any help or have other feedback, feel
free to open a ticket in the projects issue tracker. 


*TODO:* List is still incomplete and not extensively tested

In order to get everything running on Debian Lenny you will need at least the 
following packages.

* libmysqlclient-dev - to install mysql gem
* libpq-dev          - to install pg gem
* libsqlite3-dev     - to install sqlite3-ruby gem
* libmagick-dev      - to install rmagick