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Helpers and Rake tasks to test ChiliProject plugins using Cucumber

Revert "moved route to timelines paths.rb"

This reverts commit 897ac0a.

It breaks timelines tests until the dependant feature branches are fixed.
latest commit 728a204bba
Martin Czuchra apfelfabrik authored


ChiliProject Cucumber

This Rails plugin provides helper methods and rake tasks that ease our development of ChiliProject plugins with Cucumber.

This software is currently undocumented. Sorry for that. We are also not sure, if you want to use it for your development. We are releasing it anyway, so that everybody is able to run the tests, that come with our published Redmine/ChiliProject plugins.


This plugin aims to be compatible with

  • ChiliProject 1.x

  • ChiliProject 2.x

Other requirements are defined in the Gemfile.

If you are running into compatibility issues, please report a bug in the project's issue tracker.


© 2011-2012 - Finn GmbH

This plug-in is licensed under the GNU GPL v3. See COPYRIGHT.txt and GPL.txt for details.

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