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ChiliProject Plugin which allows you to add custom tabs that link to wiki pages

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ChiliProject Wiki Tabs Plugin

This plugin provides the ability to add tabs linking to wiki pages on a per-project basis. It also allows to remove the default wiki link from the main menu, while the wiki itself is not deactivated.

It also adds links to the sidebar of each wiki page to directly create a new page or a new child page of the current one.


This plugin aims to be compatible with

  • ChiliProject 1.1 and the following

  • ChiliProject 2.1 and the following

Please note, that there is a bug when running the plugin with ChiliProject 1.0 in development mode. To make sure, that everything runs smooth, you need to run your app server in production mode, where class reloading is disabled. You may of course just use ChiliProject 2.1.

There is a bug in ChiliProject 2.0 which renders this plugin unusable.

If you are running into compatibility issues, please report a bug in the project's issue tracker.


Please follow the default plugin installation instructions for ChiliProject. Make sure, the plugin folder is called `chiliproject_wiki_tabs`.

Also run

rake db:migrate:plugin NAME=chiliproject_wiki_tabs RAILS_ENV=production

to enable all changes that are needed database-wise.

Update from versions before 5.0 to version 5.0 and later

Since we have renamed the recommended plugin name with version 5.0, there is some mangeling with the migrations, when you making the update. Please follow these steps to make it work.

  1. Make a backup of your database.

  2. Seriously, do a backup.

  3. Execute the following SQL snippet on the database, you are using for your ChiliProject

    UPDATE schema_migrations
    SET version = REPLACE(version, 'redmine_wiki_tabs', 'chiliproject_wiki_tabs');

You may do this, by using the commandline tools of your database vendor or by starting a script/console from within the ChiliProject root folder

script/console production

> ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute "UPDATE schema_migrations SET version = REPLACE(version, 'redmine_wiki_tabs', 'chiliproject_wiki_tabs');"

Be sure, that `redmine_wiki_tabs` was the old plugins directory name. Also make sure, that you renamed it to `chiliproject_wiki_tabs`.

  1. Execute the plugins migrations and make sure, that nothing happens.



Run the down-migrations by executing

rake db:migrate:plugin NAME=chiliproject_wiki_tabs VERSION=0 RAILS_ENV=production

Remove the Plugin from vendor/plugins

rm -r vendor/plugins/chiliproject_wiki_tabs


To run the tests, you will need a current version of our ChiliProject Dev Tools. After running

bundle install

You should be able to execute the tests with

rake redmine:rspec:wiki_tabs

If these instructions are insufficient, please open a ticket in the GitHub issue tracker with information, where you are stuck.


We would like to thank

  • Deutsche Telekom AG ( for project sponsorhip

  • Birthe Russmeyer and Niels Lindenthal of finnlabs for their consulting and project management


© 2011 - Gregor Schmidt - Finn GmbH

This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v2. See COPYRIGHT.txt and GPL.txt for details.

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