A simple Merb application, using Google's Maps API, running on App Engine
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App Engine - Geo Coding - JRuby - Merb - Proof of Concept Application

This project is based on a simple Perl scipt and the idea to get a Ruby application running on JRuby and Google App Engine. Only the Getting Started Guide of the appengine-jruby project and the great work of Ola Bini and the JRuby team made this a piece of cake.

The code is mainly a proof of concept. It is my very first merb and app engine app so please be forgiving, when I am doing something completely wrong. I will welcome any patch or hint.

Getting started with App Engine

  1. Change into your File.dirname(__FILE__)
  2. Get an API Key for Google Maps
  3. Copy WEB-INF/config/google_api_key.rb.default to WEB-INF/config/google_api_key.rb
  4. Insert your key into the newly created file
  5. Run $APPENGINE_SDK/bin/dev_appserver.sh .

Getting started with plain merb

  1. Make sure to have merb installed in your favourite ruby environment.
  2. Change into your File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/WEB-INF'
  3. Get an API Key for Google Maps
  4. Copy config/google_api_key.rb.default to config/google_api_key.rb
  5. Insert your key into the newly created file
  6. Run merb - should work with Ruby and JRuby

Note: In this mode, the path to static files, does not work correctly. But this should not be a big problem in this kind of application.

Deploy this app on your App Engine

  1. Follow one of the both getting started above
  2. Change into your File.dirname(__FILE__)
  3. Update WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml to use your application identifier
  4. Run $SDK/bin/appcfg.sh --enable_jar_splitting update .