Fixes for any Rails 2.3.5 project, when running with mysql2
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While trying to run ChiliProject or Redmine with the mysql2 gem, I ran into
several problems, that are basically already solved. Some of them are part of
Rails 2.3.10, others are already in mysql2's master branch, but were not yet
released. Unfortunately I can neither force ChiliProject or Redmine to update to
a current Rails version nor can I force the autor of the mysql gem to release a
new version.

This plugin tries to fill this gap. It brings the needed changes and bug fixes
to any Rails 2.3.5 application. You just need to install this plugin and
everything else should be handled automatically. While doing so, it should not
interfere with other people's code. You should be safe to have the plugin
installed while using other gems or databases.

Problems solved by this plugin

* Various `db:` rake tasks do not work [1]
* rake db:schema:dump not working properly (struct size differs) [2]

If you are running into other problems, when using mysql2 this plugin and Rails
2.3.5, that already seem to be solved in newer versions, please drop me a line.

You don't need it, if

* you're using the mysql gem in version 2.x - this is for the mysql2 gem in
  version 0.2.6
* you're running only in production mode and do not need development rake
  tasks like db:schema:dump, db:create od db:drop



The code in this plugin is just a compilation of other people's contributions.
See each file to find the original source of the code and find the used licences

This should be - without waranty - MIT-style for all of them.

* Brian Lopez for the patch in init.rb
* David Heinemeier Hansson for lib/tasks/databases.rake