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OpenID Connect strategy for OmniAuth Gem Version Build Status Coverage Status Code Climate


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'omniauth-openid-connect'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install omniauth-openid-connect


Example configuration

config.omniauth :openid_connect, {
  name: :my_provider,
  scope: [:openid, :email, :profile, :address],
  response_type: :code,
  client_options: {
    port: 443,
    scheme: "https",
    host: "",
    identifier: ENV["OP_CLIENT_ID"],
    secret: ENV["OP_SECRET_KEY"],
    redirect_uri: "",

Example configuration for Google authentication:

config.omniauth :openid_connect, {
  name: :google,
  scope: [:openid, :email, :profile],
  client_auth_method: :not_basic, # Google does not support basic auth
  send_nonce: false,              # requests with a nonce a rejected by Google
  client_options: {
    identifier: ENV["OP_CLIENT_ID"],
    secret: ENV["OP_SECRET_KEY"],
    redirect_uri: "",

    host: "",
    authorization_endpoint: "/o/oauth2/auth",
    token_endpoint: "/o/oauth2/token",
    userinfo_endpoint: ""

Configuration details:

  • name is arbitrary, I recommend using the name of your provider. The name configuration exists because you could be using multiple OpenID Connect providers in a single app.
  • Although response_type is an available option, currently, only :code is valid. There are plans to bring in implicit flow and hybrid flow at some point, but it hasn't come up yet for me. Those flows aren't best practive for server side web apps anyway and are designed more for native/mobile apps.

For the full low down on OpenID Connect, please check out the spec.


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