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OpenProject Backlogs Plugin

This Plugin adds features, that enable agile teams to work efficiently with OpenProject in Scrum projects.

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Together with the plugin OpenProject PDF Export, story cards can be exported as printable PDF documents.


The OpenProject Backlogs plug-in requires the OpenProject Core in version greater or equal to 3.0.0.


OpenProject Backlogs depends on OpenProject PDF export Plugin. Thus, if you haven't done it already, add the following lines to the Gemfile.plugins to your OpenProject installation (if you use a different OpenProject version than OpenProject 5, adapt :branch => "stable/5" to your OpenProject version):

gem "openproject-pdf_export", git: "", :branch => "stable/5"

For OpenProject Backlogs itself you need to add the following line to the

Gemfile.plugins of OpenProject (if you use a different OpenProject version than OpenProject 5, adapt :branch => "stable/5" to your OpenProject version):

gem "openproject-backlogs", git: "", :branch => "stable/5"

Afterwards, run:

bundle install

This plugin contains migrations. To migrate the database, run:

rake db:migrate


Remove the line

gem "openproject-backlogs", git: "", :branch => "stable/5"

from the file Gemfile.plugins and run:

bundle install

Please not that this leaves plugin data in the database. Currently, we do not support full uninstall of the plugin.

Bug Reporting

If you find any bugs, you can create a bug ticket at


To contribute, you can create pull request on the official repository at


We thank the original maintainers and developers of Redmine Backlogs as well as Chiliproject Backlogs for their immense work on this plugin. OpenProject Backlogs would not have been possible without their original contribution. Those contributors are:

  • Marnen Laibow-Koser
  • Sandro Munda
  • Emiliano Heyns (friflaj)
  • Maxime Guilbot
  • Andrew Vit
  • Joakim Kolsjö
  • ibussieres
  • Daniel Passos
  • Jason Vasquez
  • jpic
  • Mark Maglana
  • Joe Heck
  • Nate Lowrie

Additionally, we would like to thank


Copyright (C)2013-2015 the OpenProject Foundation (OPF)
Copyright (C)2011 Marnen Laibow-Koser, Sandro Munda
Copyright (C)2010-2011 Emiliano Heyns (friflaj)
Copyright (C)2010 Maxime Guilbot, Andrew Vit, Joakim Kolsjö, ibussieres, Daniel Passos, Jason Vasquez, jpic
Copyright (C)2009-2010 Mark Maglana
Copyright (C)2009 Joe Heck, Nate Lowrie

This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v3. See doc/ and doc/GPL.txt for details.