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Adding release notes to readme

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@@ -764,13 +764,17 @@ Yes. Use `pager.min.history.js` if you want to use it together with History.js.
- [Tab panel custom widget](
- [Should be possible to run custom JS on "navigate to"](
-### 0.6 (Current)
+### 0.6 (Current target)
- [Should contain common effects](
- [HTML5 History Boilerplate](
- [page-hash and page-href5 bindings for hash or html5 history](
- [Access to Page in withOnShow handler](
- [Add BeforeNavigate Event handler to allow user to stop transition](
+- [page-href should be possible to feed with a page-instance](
+- [Should be possible to use hash bang #!/ instead of hash](
+- [Scoped pure view observables using vars](
+- [Wildcards should deep-load content if configured so](
## Roadmap
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