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Order of show/hide events in a multi-level page #132

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Thanks for the fast bugfix of issue "Show/Hide Events event don't occur" which I create yesterday.
One thing I noticed is the folling:

  • Page A
    • Subpage A1 (role: start)
    • Subpage A2
  • Page B
    • Subpage B1 (role: start)
    • Subpage B2

Page A and Subpage A1 is active (visible).
If I switch to Page B, then the afterShow event of Subpage B1 raised before beforeHide of Subpage A1.

I expected the the following order:

  • beforeHide() of Subpage A1
  • afterHide() of Subpage A1
  • beforeShow() of Subpage B1
  • afterShow() of Subpage B1

Your implementation doesn't cause problems for me, but I want to document it.

In an simple example the order is correct:

  • Page A
  • Page B

Switching from Page A to Page B causes following order:

  • beforeHide() and afterHide() of Page A
  • beforeShow() and afterShow() of Page B
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