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Hello guys
Im a newbie using pagerjs, ( by the way, im coding my first project implementing this library ) so still im learning and i'm so glad working with pagerjs.

Well i have a little issue or question that i i'd love to resolve, im trying to send a few parameters, sending it with the uri binding from a view model to another new viewmodel, always im getting "undefined" on this observables without matters if the new view model observables has the same parameter name..

For example :

this is my binding where i set my parameters to wait :

      <div id="divPasajes"data-bind="page:{id: 'pasajesDisponibles', withOnShow: App.Common.Aux.getVM('Pasajes'),  
            title: 'Seleccionar Servicio', sourceOnShow: 'Servicios/Pasajes', sourceCache: false, 
            params: ['origenTerminal', 'destinoTerminal', 'IsOneWay', 'cantidadPasajeros', 'fechaIda', 'origenTerminalNom' ] }">          

and this is my another binding wher i set the observables to send and to bind my view model parameters :

                            <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-4 col-md-4">
                                <br />
                                <a id="btnBuscarPasaje" data-bind="click: buscarPasajes, 
                                    page-href: { path: '../Servicios/pasajesDisponibles', 
                                    params: {origenTerminal: origen.idTerminal }}"
                                  type="button" class="btn btn-default  btn-sm btn-block">Buscar</a>

then when i click my link and send it my parameters, my uri string is this :


On my newview model init function, Its output is :

console.log(self.origenTerminal()); // Undefined ...

then i'd love to know how i could bind those parameters with the values from the querystring, I thought that automatic pagerjs would do it but maybe i got confuse.

At the moment im retrieving my parameter without a custom functon that it takes the URI string and get the parameters for to bind them with my view model observables.
but i dont know if pagerjs has support for this cuze when on my view, i can retrieve my parameters without any problems as the pager example shows but can't do it from one viewmodel to another view model.

Then my question is : how can i retrieve my parameters from my new view model ? There's one way to do it ? or just i have to write a custom function for to decode the uri string ?

thanx you for your time and i hope somebody can explain me this.

So long

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gabidi Mar 14, 2014

I'm really interested in this too. Thank you

gabidi commented Mar 14, 2014

I'm really interested in this too. Thank you

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DKhalil May 15, 2017


Closing for cleanup


DKhalil commented May 15, 2017

Closing for cleanup

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