onNoMatch invoked on every URL hit #160

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Eventually, everything works (routes and pages are found and displayed), but I noticed the onNoMatch gets always invoked, even for registered routes.

In the argument to the callback (options), route attribute is empty: route [] There are no child objects



thanks for the bug report. Could you construct a JsFiddle or JS Bin that illustrates the bug?

@finnsson finnsson added bug bug / investigate and removed bug labels Feb 23, 2014

I've seen this problem too but I haven't had the chance to pull a JSFiddle together, but if you set a breakpoint on the onFailed function (line 101 in the formatted pager.js minified file) on the demo site, it pretty much hits that breakpoint as you navigate through the entire demo.





I can confirm this is an issue after having tested what @joshuadsilva included above. It seems that the onMatch is fired twice: once for 'start/pager' and once for 'pager' pages, and then the onNoMatch is fired while the 'pager' page is active. Additionally, the onNoMatch is called with an empty route, just as @slisznia points out.

I think what's happening is that it's trying to show a child page it can't find. Here's what I mean. If I'm on the pager documentation page and click on the pager {} page, the onMatch will be triggered within the showChild method. As the pager iterates through the route (initially 'start/config'), it will eventually show the 'config' page. Then, it will get to this line in showPage:

a ? a(j, c, function() {
g.timeStamp === h && j.showPage(c.slice(1), n, c[0])
, i) : j.showPage(c.slice(1), n, c[0])

The boldface code will be called if there is no pageGuard (a). Since we are slicing an array of size 1 (it only has 'config'), we will call showPage for an empty route. It appears that doing so will trigger the onNoMatch event.

I don't have a jsFiddle created for this, but hopefully the description above will be helpful. Thanks for a great tool in pager.js!


To work around this bug in my project, I added a check to my onNoMatch handler to check if the route is empty. Similar to this snippet:

    vm.noPageFound = function (options) {
        if (options.route.length === 0) {

        // logic here...
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