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Page.path(string) not documented #161

rafal-brize opened this Issue Feb 19, 2014 · 1 comment

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It is not documented that i can construct a relative path of a subpage with path(string).

For example:
Let the current page to be #/first


to construct a #/first/alert

Is this a proper way to do this in javascript to navigate to a subpage?

If so, why it is not documented?

@finnsson finnsson added bug and removed bug labels Feb 23, 2014

It seems like I got some copy-n-paste bug in the documentation. The page Path should really document this feature but is instead documenting the find-method. I'll fix it. Thanks for the heads up.

Regarding your second question I would say it depends on your current context. Sometimes your solution is the best, sometimes you might be able to navigate in some other way. Internally (in pager.js) I'm usually doing something similar to your code example.

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