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Shildrak commented Sep 6, 2012

First, thanks for creating a really nice library!

It would be nice to have access to the Page object when dynamically fetching viewmodels in "withOnShow". I modified the source for withOnShow to pass "this", just like you are currently doing for sourceOnShow:
I replaced
572 - }, this));
572 + }, this), this);

This allow me to retrieve specific data for my views based on the route, eg

 <div data-bind="page: {id: '?', withOnShow: MyNamespace.Order.GetModel()}"></div>

MyNamespace.Order = {
    GetModel: function () {
        return function (callback, page) {
            $.getJSON('/api/orders/' + page.currentId, function (data) {
                var viewModel = new MyNamespace.Order.ViewModel(data);

Off course, ability to use wildcards would be even better, to say something like:

 <div data-bind="page: {id: '?', withOnShow: MyNamespace.Order.GetModel({1})}"></div>

But I don't think this is an easy addition? However, I hope you will consider adding the page parameter as described above.

finnsson commented Sep 7, 2012


I checked out your fork and found that you had another interesting addition (the cache control). Reminds me that I need to review all the parameters in different callbacks (withOnShow etc) and try to unify their parameters. At the moment it's basically accidental design which parameters are sent to a callback... .

I fetched your repo and merged with my repo so now your changes are in. Thanks for sharing!

-- Oscar

Shildrak commented Sep 7, 2012

Thanks for merging the changing into the master branch. That also makes it easier for me to stay up-to-date with your library.

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