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FDC3 Standard 1.1

@rikoe rikoe released this
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v1.1 of the FDC3 standard, consisting of:

Release higlights

New Channels API

A brand new Channels API, which supports linking applications together through context shared on dedicated channels.

Applications can join and leave channels, which affects the scope of the top-level fdc3.broadcast and fdc3.addContextListener operations.

The channel membership for an app can also be found through the top-level fdc3.getCurrentChannel operation and current context of a channel can be retrieved with the new Channel.getCurrentContext operation on the Channel class.

Context Filtering

The addContextListener and getCurrentContext operations now both support filtering for a specific type of context, e.g.:

const contactListener = fdc3.addContextListener('', context => {
	// handle contacts

New Context Data Types

The first official FDC3 context data types have been standardised, in collaboration with the FINOS
Financial Objects Program.
These types were previously given as examples, and have been adopted by the community.

They are:

Published Schemas

Officially versioned public schemas for the FDC3 standards are now published on the FDC3 website, e.g.:

This aids validation and code generation for consuming applications.

Reference Documentation

There is now a reference section for both Intents and Context Data, to go along with the API Reference.

🚀 New Features

  • JSON Schema definitions for agreed context types (#119)
  • API entry point for web - window.fdc3 (#139)
  • Use Case 17 (#153)
  • Channels API (#154)
  • Type filtering support for getCurrentContext (#161)
  • Publish versioned JSON schemas to FDC3 website (#170)
  • Intent Reference and Context Data Reference documentation (#172)

💅 Enhancements

  • Remove FactSet-specific examples from docs (#88)
  • Apply FINOS branding, styles and logos to the website (#96)
  • Expand AppMetadata interface with more application properties (#157)
  • Restructure some docs (#190)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Several typos and broken links in docs
  • Various security vulnerabilities

See for more details.