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DevOps Mutualization SIG Discussions

The DevOps Mutualization SIG uses GitHub Team Discussions that are only visible to members of the FINOS GitHub Organisation, with optional private discussions available to those who are part of the devops-mutualization-participants team.

GitHub Team Discussions augment the use of GitHub Issues in this repository by allowing both public and private discussions as part of the FINOS GitHub Organisation.

How to Participate in DevOps SIG Discussions

  • In order to collaborate in FINOS Team Discussions, you must have a GitHub Account and have signed a FINOS Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Please email for help and more information.
  • If you're are not a member of the FINOS GitHub Organisation, email and request an invitation to join from the FINOS team.
  • If you are a member of the FINOS GitHub Organisation, please email Amol Shukla or Anders Wallgren so they can add you to the devops-mutualization-participants team.
  • Once you are a member of the devops-mutualization-participants team you should be able to partake in public and private DevOps Mutualization SIG Discussions.