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Perspective is an interactive analytics and data visualization component, which is especially well-suited for large and/or streaming datasets. Originally developed at J.P. Morgan and open-sourced through the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS), Perspective makes it simple to build user-configurable analytics entirely in the browser, or in concert with Python and/or Jupyterlab. Use it to create reports, dashboards, notebooks and applications, with static data or streaming updates via Apache Arrow.

  • A fast, memory efficient streaming query engine, written in C++ and compiled for both WebAssembly and Python. read/write/streaming for Apache Arrow, and a high-performance columnar expression language based on ExprTK.

  • A framework-agnostic User Interface Custom Element, powered either in-browser via WebWorker (WebAssembly) or virtually via WebSocket server (Python/Node), as well as a suite of Datagrid and D3FC Chart plugins.

  • A JupyterLab widget and Python client library, for interactive data analysis in a notebook, as well as scalable production Voila and Holoviz applications.


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Editable Maps Airpors Streaming
IEX Cloud NYC Citibike JupyterLab Plugin
IEX Cloud NYC Citibike JupyterLab Plugin
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