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This development formalises the notions from the first few lectures on
Type Theory Foundations at OPLSS 2011.
* Overview of the development:
** Syntax
Defines the syntax of the language and some notations. Nothing fancy.
** Substitution
Defines substitutions for de Bruijn indices. Pretty much the most boring
thing possible.
** Semantics
Defines static and dynamic semantics of the language, proves the standard
properties: weakening, progress, preservation, etc. and lemmas needed by
termination proof that are not related to logical relations.
** Termination
Defines the reducibility relation and proceeds to prove head expansion
and termination.
** Equivalence
Defines contexts and context typings, observable equivalence and logical equivalence,
and proves soundness of logical equivalence wrt observable equivalence. Provdies one
example of a logical equivalence (x : ω ⊢ x ∼ x + 0 : ω).