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Anita Kis
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How to use account-info demo app with exampleBank sandbox

Set environment variables

Build frontend

  • Open a terminal
  • Navigate to /frontend
  • Command: ng build

Edit host file

Open hosts file and add FRONTEND_HOST and BACKEND_HOST.

Example account-info-frontend.ftb-local account-info-backend.ftb-local

Set backend url for frontend

  • Open frontend-env.json
  • apiUrl is equal to BACKEND_HOST


"apiUrl": "http://account-info-backend.ftb-local"

Add keys:

Add pulic and private key to backend/keys folder For example: public_cert.pem and private.key or public_key.txt and private_key.txt

Run demo application

  • Navigate to root folder
  • Command: docker-compose up -d

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