Atari800 disk drives emulator based on C.P.U. project SDrive
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Atari800 disk drives emulator based on C.P.U. project SDrive



  • SDrive was developed originally by C.P.U. team in 2008 and use AT Mega 8 processor;
  • It is extension of previous project with following features:
    • Works with Atari 8-bit systems like Atari 800, 800xl, XE/GS, etc.
    • 5V compatible 32bit Cypress CY8C4245AXI ARM processor with:
      • 48 MHz core
      • 32Kb Flash
      • 4Kb RAM
    • MicroSD card reader
    • Capacitive buttons (Next drive, Prev drive, Boot drive)
    • 6 LEDs (1 green, 1 red and 4 yellow)
    • Reset button
    • Each SIO pin connected to ARM I/O pin (Possibility for functionality extension)
    • One RW/RO switch for microSD card
    • original drive ID's switchng DIPs excluded

Software needed to open and compile source code

Hardware needed to initial chip programming

  • Cypress KitProg is needed to program ARM chip. Easiest way is to buy CY8CKIT-043 ($10) or similar kit

ToDo list

  • Fix an issue with daisy-chain connection (add switchng diode to SIO data in line)
  • Add "Update from SD" feature
  • Apply Hias patches to firmware
  • Increase number of usable drives up to 8
  • Implement cassete recorder functionality


  • Please contact me in case of questions by E-Mail: extmail at
  • Donations are welcomed to the same PayPal address ;)