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FIO JS Library
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FIO JS Library

How to install/setup - manually

npm; install;


const { Fio, Ecc } = require('fiojs');

# Via; NPM;
FIO; JS; is; available; via; npm; js; here:

npm; install; @fioprotocol/fiojs;

# Import; if NOT installing; manually; and; using; NPM; package; manager;
const { Fio, Ecc } = require('@fioprotocol/fiojs');

# Errors; Installing?;
if you don;’t; have; tsc, install; ```js
npm install -g typescript

// Include textDecoder and textEncoder when using in Node, React Native, IE11 or Edge Browsers. const { TextEncoder, TextDecoder } = require('util'); // node only; native TextEncoder/Decoder const { TextEncoder, TextDecoder } = require('text-encoding'); // React Native, IE11, and Edge Browsers only

# How to Test
The mock tests run under `npm run test` and those don't require nodeosd.. That will cover most of the changes made.
The `npm run test-node` target needs a node with a specific key with Bob and Alice accounts. Unless your merging patches or changing something internal you may not need to run the node test at all.  You could try it on you own node with something like this:

cleos create account eosio bob $test_pubkey
cleos create account eosio alice $test_pubkey
cleos transfer eosio.token bob '1000 SYS'
cleos transfer eosio.token alice '1000 SYS'


Client-side serialization and signing. This is a full example that includes the external RPC code you plan to use outside of the Fio instance:

info = await rpc.get_info();
blockInfo = await rpc.get_block(info.last_irreversible_block_num);
currentDate = new Date();
timePlusTen = currentDate.getTime() + 10000;
timeInISOString = (new Date(timePlusTen)).toISOString();
expiration = timeInISOString.substr(0, timeInISOString.length - 1);

transaction = {
    ref_block_num: blockInfo.block_num & 0xffff,
    ref_block_prefix: blockInfo.ref_block_prefix,
    actions: [{
        account: 'eosio.token',
        name: 'transfer',
        authorization: [{
            actor: 'bob',
            permission: 'active',
        data: {
            from: 'bob',
            to: 'alice',
            quantity: '0.0001 SYS',
            memo: '',

abiMap = new Map();
tokenRawAbi = await rpc.get_raw_abi('eosio.token');
abiMap.set('eosio.token', tokenRawAbi);

tx = await Fio.prepareTransaction({transaction, chainId, privateKeys, abiMap,
textDecoder: new TextDecoder(), textEncoder: new TextEncoder()});

pushResult = await fetch(httpEndpoint + '/v1/chain/push_transaction', {
    body: JSON.stringify(tx),
    method: 'POST',

json = await pushResult.json();
if (json.processed && json.processed.except) {
    throw new RpcError(json);



Hashes public key to an on-chain Fio account name.

const accountHash = Fio.accountHash('FIO7bxrQUTbQ4mqcoefhWPz1aFieN4fA9RQAiozRz7FrUChHZ7Rb8');


The shared cipher class contains a secret used to encrypt and decrypt messages. For example, Alice sends a new_funds_request to Bob. In the new_funds_request there is a content field. The content field is encrypted by Alice and decrypted by Bob.

newFundsContent = {
    payee_public_address: 'purse.alice',
    amount: '1',
    token_code: 'fio.reqobt',
    memo: null,
    hash: null,
    offline_url: null

privateKeyAlice = '5J9bWm2ThenDm3tjvmUgHtWCVMUdjRR1pxnRtnJjvKA4b2ut5WK';
publicKeyAlice = 'FIO7zsqi7QUAjTAdyynd6DVe8uv4K8gCTRHnAoMN9w9CA1xLCTDVv';
privateKeyBob = '5JoQtsKQuH8hC9MyvfJAqo6qmKLm8ePYNucs7tPu2YxG12trzBt';
publicKeyBob = 'FIO5VE6Dgy9FUmd1mFotXwF88HkQN1KysCWLPqpVnDMjRvGRi1YrM';

cipherAlice = Fio.createSharedCipher({privateKey: privateKeyAlice, publicKey: publicKeyBob, textEncoder: new TextEncoder(), textDecoder: new TextDecoder()});
cipherAliceHex = cipherAlice.encrypt('new_funds_content', newFundsContent);

// Alice sends cipherAliceHex to Bob via new_funds_request

cipherBob = Fio.createSharedCipher({privateKey: privateKeyBob, publicKey: publicKeyAlice, textEncoder: new TextEncoder(), textDecoder: new TextDecoder()});
newFundsContentBob = cipherBob.decrypt('new_funds_content', cipherAliceHex);

See src/encryption-fio.abi.json for other message types like new_funds_content.

Message Encryption

See docs/

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