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Css classes package - Lightweight alternative to bootstrap
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Bootstrap and friends helps our front end coding, but sometimes we dont really needs all features neither a default theme, most important often our job needs inexistent basic tools.

Pto.css is a small css package. It contains a bunch of classes to help coding custom pages.

We dont have themes. Neither pre-built components... yet.

But works!


This works with a 10 parts default grid system, and an alternative relative grid, at 3 size screens. Defaults margin and padding classes uses 14px multiples.

This example below defines a 30% width <div> block with 1em margin and 1em padding. Internal content centered aligned.

<div class="padding margin col-3 text-center"><p class="text-bold border-bottom">content</p></div>

There's an alternative grid system too for a div with 33% width:

<div class="padding margin col-1of3 text-center"><p class="text-bold border-bottom">content</p></div>


As defined there are four breakpoints for screen sizes : 768px for tablets ; 992px for common pcs; 1200 hd monitors. Because, just fits better for bootstrap compatibility.

How use ?

Just include the import link at your <head> tag.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/pto.css" media="screen"/>

Soon, Im gonna finish a new extension bringing few utils, but gonna works like a complementar thing.

Really hope you enjoy my little work.



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