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Test basic redis functionality

  Set: curl -D - -d "value=hello world" http://localhost:8888/text/foobar
  Get: curl -D - http://localhost:8888/text/foobar

Test redis pubsub feature (redis 2.x)

  Subscribe to channels or patterns:
  curl -D - http://localhost:8888/queue/foo.*,msgs,l33t

  Send messages to channels:
  curl -D - -d "message=hello world" http://localhost:8888/queue/
  curl -D - -d "message=yes, we can" http://localhost:8888/queue/l33t


1. It is recommned not to use numeric channel names. The QueueHandler will
get the channel as integer while at other places it would be string.
If you still want to use numeric channel name, make sure you cast the 
name to str to avoid any issues.