Twisted protocol for the FreeSWITCH's Event Socket
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Info:See the FreeSWITCH Event Socket documentation for more information. See github for the latest source.
Author: Alexandre Fiori <>
Author: Arnaldo M. Pereira <>


eventsocket is a Twisted protocol for the FreeSWITCH's Event Socket. This protocol provides support for both Inbound and Outbound methods of the Event Socket in a single-file class.

It may be used for a wide variety of purposes. It aims to be simple and extensible, and to export all the functionality of the FreeSWITCH to Twisted-based applications.

Moreover, it's totally event-driven and allows easy implementation of complex applications aiming at controlling the FreeSWITCH through the Event Socket.

This code is part of the core of the Nuswit Telephony API, a full featured web-based dialer currently operating in Brazil and Colombia.


Examples are available in the examples/ directory.


Thanks to (in no particular order):

  • Nuswit Telephony API
    • Granting permission for this code to be published and sponsoring