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+layout: post
+title: Deploying cyclone on pypy
+location: Waterloo, Canada
+comments: true
+ - python
+ - twisted
+ - cyclone
+ - pypy
+Tired of typing the same thing all over. With all the differences on osx,
+debian 32, and 64 bits. Different pypy versions, etc... ended up with a couple
+of bash scripts to do it for me.
+One of them installs pypy 1.9 on /opt and make all symlinks to
+/usr/local/bin, with pip and virtualenv. The other installs pyopenssl,
+twisted and cyclone, and make the symlinks as well. All links on
+/usr/local/bin are prefixed with pypy_, like pypy_pip and pypy_twistd.
+That's the easiest and simplest generic way I found to install it:
+ curl []( | bash
+ curl []( | bash
+And when I deploy my cyclone apps, it's easy to edit the rc.d init file and
+point it to use pypy_twistd.

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