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Info:See github for the latest source.
Author: Alexandre Fiori <>


NitgenBSP is a Python extension based on the Nitgen SDK for Linux. It currently supports Nitgen fingerprint recognition devices such as Fingkey Hamster and Fingkey Hamster II.

Implementation details

  • It has been tested under Ubuntu Linux 9.10
  • Require root access level (actually depends on file permission of /dev/nitgen0)
  • Only supports the device auto-detection mode (I don't have 2 devices do try manual selection)
  • Supports verification with the FIR Handle and Text-Encoded FIR (not the FULL FIR)
  • Allows the Text-Encoded FIR to be saved on remote database for later verification
  • Text-Encoded FIR does not allow multi-byte encoding, however, supports adding payload (user data) within
  • Ships with PIL support and allows saving fingerprint images as JPG, PNG, etc
  • Supports the Nitgen in-memory Search Engine API

Documentation and Examples

The source code ships with built-in Python Docstring documentation for class reference. It also ships with examples in the examples/ subdirectory.

However, using NitgenBSP is pretty straightforward even for those with no experience with biometric devices. Here is an example of simple usage:

#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf-8

import NitgenBSP

if __name__ == "__main__":
   nbio = NitgenBSP.Handler()

   finger = nbio.capture()
   image = finger.image()"out.png")

   print "your fingerprint text-encoded FIR is:", finger.text()


Thanks to (in no particular order):

  • Nitgen Brazil
    • For providing documentation and granting permission for this code to be published
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