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Large multi-bulk data results in maximum recursion depth exceeded #10

jimrollenhagen opened this Issue January 28, 2011 · 9 comments

5 participants

Jim Rollenhagen Gleicon Moraes boracengiz Jeethu Rao Alexandre Fiori
Jim Rollenhagen

Reading large multi-bulk data results in maximum recursion depth exceeded.

This was a known issue in txRedis and has been fixed since last June (deldotdr/txRedis@37b0528). Would appreciate if you could implement the fix. I also may look into implementing and sending a pull request when I have some free time (which could be a while).


I have the same issue , how can it be fixed? Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

Jim Rollenhagen

@boracengiz I actually didn't need such a large amount of data for my application, so I just left it as is. Found this bug when trying to really push the limits of my application.

Jim Rollenhagen

Also, it looks like there's a ton of changes to the protocol. I didn't look deep enough to tell, but this may have since been fixed...

Jeethu Rao

@jimrollenhagen I just tried the testcase that you mentioned from txRedis and it was still there. I've got a fix and a test for this on my fork. I'll send a pull request if @fiorix is ok with it.

Alexandre Fiori


Jim Rollenhagen

Sweet! Now to look for an excuse to use this library again... Also thank you fiorix for the great library :)

Alexandre Fiori


Jeethu Rao

Now that @gleicon has merged my pull request to fix this issue, could we close this issue ?

Gleicon Moraes

sure, my bad. thanks.

Gleicon Moraes gleicon closed this March 12, 2012
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