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Pecona Live '12 presentation on Percona Toolkit

This presentation uses Markdown Presenter ( You can view it by cloning this repo, then running ./ and opening http://localhost:8080/Presenter.html. is just provided as a handy example, this will work on any web server if you have one set up already.

Presentation abstract:

Percona Toolkit is a collection of command-line tools designed to help MySQL DBAs perform diagnostic and maintenance tasks more efficiently. This session will begin by discussing some of the problems that are harder to solve in MySQL than in other RDBMS. We'll then review each problem case and present a Percona Toolkit tool that can help solve it, concluding with a review of upcoming changes in MySQL development that may simplify the resolution of some of the described problem cases. Attendees will leave this talk with a good understanding of what operational and troubleshooting problems are specially difficult to solve today with MySQL, and how Percona Toolkit can help in those cases.