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Infinity Dashboard Modules
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Infinity Dashboard Modules

👋 Hi There! This is a repository of all the modules bundled with Infinity Dashboard as well as some user contributed modules.

What is Infinity Dashboard?

Infinity Dashboard is the best way to track anything you want on your Mac. You can learn more about it by going here.

How do I make my own module?

We've written documentation on how to write your own custom modules here.

How do I submit my module?

Contributions are submitted, reviewed, and accepted using GitHub pull requests. Read this article for some details.

Editing existing modules

Some modules require additional resources before they'll work. You can run npm install on the module you want to edit to install all the required node modules.

Can I improve or fix bugs with the existing modules?

Of course, create a pull request with your changes and our development team will review it.

Reporting bugs/issues

Issues with any of the modules can be reported by creating a New Issue on this repo.

Bugs with the Infinity Dashboard Mac App should not be reported here and will be ignored. To report an issue with the Mac App please write in to our support.

I have an idea for a module but I don't know how to code

Awesome! We love new ideas, feel free to create a new issue with your idea and we'll look into adding it in the future.

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