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A web miner for TurtleCoin
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A web miner for TurtleCoin

Working demo:

How to include to your website

In order to implement the miner to your website you have to do the following, easy steps:

  • Download our script and add it to your website
    <script src='turtleminer.js'></script>

  • Edit the configuration

const config = {
  pool: "",	// pool url
  port: 2225,	// pool port
  wallet: "TRTLv198neLLCadgT3rzAnepD9aDf4MMC33MDMbkkELJcRAiZyH35fL3qG7xjJDSUCGCRJFWwxyvNDCwxy8kVpbFTsx654w8PEJ", // your wallet address
  speed: 100,		// cpu speed/usage in %
  threads: 4,		// number of threads using for mining
  workerName: "WebMiner"	// the miner name also knows as 'password' for the pool, default 'x'
  • Initialize a new miner instance
    const miner = new TurtleMiner(minerConfig);

  • Start mining whenever you want:

  • Stop mining whenever you want:

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