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Python framework for Cadence Workflow Service
Python Thrift Java
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Python framework for Cadence Workflow Service

Cadence is a workflow engine developed at Uber Engineering. With this framework, workflows and activities managed by Cadence can be implemented in Python code.

Status / TODO

cadence-python is still under going heavy development. It should be considered EXPERIMENTAL at the moment. A production version is targeted to be released in September of 2019.

  • Tchannel implementation
  • Python-friendly wrapper around Cadence's Thrift API
  • Author activities in Python
  • Start workflows (synchronously)
  • Create workflows
  • Workflow execution in coroutines
  • Invoke activities from workflows
  • Activity heartbeating and doNotCompleteOnReturn
  • Activity retry
  • Sticky workflows
  • Signals
  • Queries
  • Async workflow execution
  • await
  • currentTimeMillis
  • Timers
  • Sleep
  • Loggers
  • newRandom
  • UUID
  • Workflow Versioning

Post 1.0:

  • sideEffect/mutableSideEffect
  • Parallel activity execution
  • Cancellation Scopes
  • Child Workflows


pip install cadence-client

Hello World Sample

import sys
import logging
from cadence.activity_method import activity_method
from cadence.workerfactory import WorkerFactory
from cadence.workflow import workflow_method, Workflow, WorkflowClient


TASK_LIST = "HelloActivity-python-tasklist"
DOMAIN = "sample"

# Activities Interface
class GreetingActivities:
    @activity_method(task_list=TASK_LIST, schedule_to_close_timeout_seconds=2)
    def compose_greeting(self, greeting: str, name: str) -> str:
        raise NotImplementedError

# Activities Implementation
class GreetingActivitiesImpl:
    def compose_greeting(self, greeting: str, name: str):
        return greeting + " " + name + "!"

# Workflow Interface
class GreetingWorkflow:
    @workflow_method(execution_start_to_close_timeout_seconds=10, task_list=TASK_LIST)
    async def get_greeting(self, name: str) -> str:
        raise NotImplementedError

# Workflow Implementation
class GreetingWorkflowImpl(GreetingWorkflow):

    def __init__(self):
        self.greeting_activities: GreetingActivities = Workflow.new_activity_stub(GreetingActivities)

    async def get_greeting(self, name):
        return await self.greeting_activities.compose_greeting("Hello", name)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    factory = WorkerFactory("localhost", 7933, DOMAIN)
    worker = factory.new_worker(TASK_LIST)
    worker.register_activities_implementation(GreetingActivitiesImpl(), "GreetingActivities")

    client = WorkflowClient.new_client(domain=DOMAIN)
    greeting_workflow: GreetingWorkflow = client.new_workflow_stub(GreetingWorkflow)
    result = greeting_workflow.get_greeting("Python")

    print("Stopping workers....")
    print("Workers stopped...")
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