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Landscape theme for Ghost

Landscape for Ghost is based on our Landscape WordPress theme by

Copyright & License

Designed and developed by Copyright (c) 2014 - Released under the GPL License.

Header image by Ansel Adams and is licensed under the Public Domain:

How to install Landscape

Ghost themes live in content/themes/ After you have downloaded Landscape, extract it and place it in content/themes alongside the Casper default theme.

To switch to your newly added theme:

  • Restart Ghost. At the moment, Ghost won't notice that you've added a new folder to content/themes so you'll need to restart it

  • Login to your Ghost admin, and navigate to /ghost/settings/general/

  • Select your Theme name in the 'Theme' options dropdown

  • Click 'Save'

  • Visit the frontend of your blog and marvel at the new theme

If you are new to using Ghost, we recommend checking out the following:

Editing the Main Menu

If you are using Landscape for your personal blog, the only file you need to edit is the default.hbs file. This is the file that contains code for your menu. You can edit the links to point to your pages or remove the menu entirely. The code to look for is the following:


` `

Setting up Comments with Landscape and Ghost

You'll need to use a third party service like Discuss to have comments on your site. With that, you'll need to setup up an account with Once you have done that, the following instructions will help you integrate Discuss with Landscape.

Credit Links

Landscape is GPL licensed. While we appreciate you keeping our credit links intact, this is not required. Simply find the following code in the default.hbs file and edit however.


© {{date format="YYYY"}} {{@blog.title}} • Landscape Theme by Blank Themes Proudly published with Ghost


To report possible theme issues, you can contact us at


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