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FirebaseUI Chat Demo in Swift

This directory contains a collection of swift code samples.

In order to install and run:

git clone
cd FirebaseUI-iOS/samples/swift
pod install
open FirebaseUI-demo-swift.xcworkspace

Once you've opened the workspace, go into Supporting Files/Info.plist and either fill in the social provider information currently commented out, or delete extra providers you're not interested in. For providers you choose to keep, enable them in your Firebase Dashboard according to the user authentication docs. In ViewController.m make sure to only enable providers that you've configured properly.

Project configuration

Please follow steps described here in order to run the sample project.

Chat Sample

This sample uses anonymous authentication, so make sure anonymous auth is enabled in Firebase console.

Auth Sample

This sample uses email/password, Google, and Facebook auth, so make sure those are enabled in Firebase console.

The auth example requires a little more setup (adding url schemes, etc) since it depends on the various keys and tokens for the different auth services your app will support. Take a look at the Auth README for more information.

Storage Sample

This sample does not use a logged-in user, so make to set up the Storage Security Rules for your bucket to allow that.

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