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Prebuilt versions of the libraries are available for download here.

Release Notes

  • Overview
    • Added Auth credential persistence on Desktop, fixed issues in Auth and Database, and added additional information to Messaging notifications.
  • Changes
    • Auth (Desktop): User's credentials will now persist between sessions. See the documentation for more information.
    • Auth (Desktop): As part of the above change, if you call current_user() immediately after creating the Auth instance, it will block until the saved user's state is finished loading.
    • Auth (Desktop): Fixed an issue where Database/Functions/Storage might not use the latest auth token immediately after sign-in.
    • Auth: Fixed an issue where an error code could get reported incorrectly on Android.
    • Database (Desktop): Fixed an issue that could cause a crash during shutdown.
    • Database (iOS): Fixed a race condition that could cause a crash when cleaning up database listeners on iOS.
    • Database (iOS): Fixed an issue where long (64-bit) values could get written to the database incorrectly (truncated to 32-bits).
    • Cloud Functions: Change assert to log warning when App is deleted before Cloud Functions instance is deleted.
    • Messaging (Android): Added channel_id to Messaging notifications.
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