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Build with "noImplicitAny": true fails #213

swftvsn opened this Issue Apr 4, 2018 · 3 comments


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swftvsn commented Apr 4, 2018

Version info

Typescript 2.8.1




Steps to reproduce

Use above versions and try to build. Used tsconfig.json:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "lib": ["es6", "es2015.promise", "dom"],
    "module": "commonjs",
    "strict": true,
    "noImplicitAny": true,
    "strictNullChecks": false,
    "outDir": "build",
    "sourceMap": false,
    "target": "es6",
    "typeRoots" : ["./src/_shared-functions/types", "./src/_shared/types", "./node_modules/@types"]
  "include": [

Were you able to successfully deploy your functions?

Can't build.

Expected behavior

I can build.

Actual behavior

Running node_modules/typescript/bin/tsc produces error

node_modules/firebase-functions/lib/cloud-functions.d.ts(62,58): error TS7006: Parameter 'any' implicitly has an 'any' type. 

The offending file contains:

export declare namespace Change {
    /** Factory method for creating a Change from a `before` object and an `after` object. */
    function fromObjects<T>(before: T, after: T): Change<T>;
    /** Factory method for creating a Change from a JSON and an optional customizer function to be
     * applied to both the `before` and the `after` fields.
    function fromJSON<T>(json: ChangeJson, customizer?: (any) => T): Change<T>;

Which translates to this line:

export function fromJSON<T>(json: ChangeJson, customizer: (any) => T = reinterpretCast): Change<T> {

Which should probably read

export function fromJSON<T>(json: ChangeJson, customizer: (a: any) => T = reinterpretCast): Change<T> {

Or something similar?

I can build with "noImplicitAny": false fine though, so there's no rush.


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wcandillon commented Apr 24, 2018

@laurenzlong When will this update be available?


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laurenzlong commented Apr 24, 2018

It was just made available in 1.0.2


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wcandillon commented Apr 25, 2018

@laurenzlong Yes that works, thank you, really appreciate it 🙌🏻

laurenzlong added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 9, 2018

hgwood added a commit to Zenika/humeur-du-mois-2018 that referenced this issue Oct 25, 2018

♻️ switch noImplicitAny back on (#44)
We had to switch the `noImplicitAny` TypeScript compiler option off when [upgrading to `firebase-functions@1.0.0`](65a6108#diff-dc8de0a814a0e019ed6c1deb12c75cfeR13) because it is not compatible with it (see [this issue](firebase/firebase-functions#213)). However since then `firebase-functions`  has been patched, and we've upgraded so we should be able to turn the option back on.

When I tried to turn it on, the compiler detected a few places where the code was relying on some legitimate implicit anys. But it did also complain about 2 other packages that were not compatible with the option, because they were lacking types. These packages are `lodash.partition` and `firebase-tools`.

I chose to remove `lodash.partition` because I felt it was not pulling its weight, as suggested by @brunosabot  [here](#12 (comment)).

On the other hand, we really need `firebase-tools`, but this time instead of turning `noImplicitAny` off because of it, I took the time to study how it can be left on while using packages without types. It turns out it is possible to write your own type declarations for a module installed from npm, though it took a bit of trial and error to get there. I've documented what works in `@types/`, and I've written a type declaration for the one and only function that we use from the package.
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