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Partially revert "Update CHANGELOG for Firestore v0.14.0 (#2025)" (#2031


This removes the changelog entry that describes our migration to
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wilhuff committed Nov 1, 2018
1 parent ea567dc commit b2437b80f61b031496c0c9bd7a1cc871b9a3a6b9
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# v0.14.0
- [fixed] Fixed compilation in C99 and C++11 modes without GNU extensions.
- [changed] Moved from Objective-C gRPC framework to gRPC C++. If you're
manually tracking dependencies, the `gRPC`, `gRPC-ProtoRPC`, and
`gRPC-RxLibrary` frameworks have been replaced with `gRPC-C++`. While we
don't anticipate any issues, please [report any issues with network
behavior]( you
experience. (#1968)

# v0.13.6
- [changed] Internal improvements.

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