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On firebase init, I cannot select an existing app from the terminal, even if it displays my existing apps (select in the means of using arrow keys)

@drtriumph drtriumph added the bug label Oct 19, 2015

How are you attempting to run the command? Through the command line, cygwin, PowerShell? I assume you were able to login to the tools just fine?


@drtriumph im running the command via command line. yep i was be able to login just fine.


For now I think the -f <app_name> option will allow you to proceed, and we'll try reproducing this. What version of windows / node / npm are you running?


hi @drtriumph, sorry for the late response. currently using windows 10, node 4.1.1, npm 2.14.4. tried to go legacy mode from the command terminal and unfortunately I still encountered the same.


Same issue here. Win 10, node 4.2.1

firebase init -f <app_name> worked though

ClintH commented Nov 5, 2015

👍 same on Win 10, Node 4.1.1 in both Command Prompt and PowerShell


Hey guys, same issue on Windows 10 Node 5.0.0 in Command Prompt and Powershell including Powershell ISE as Administrator. Can't kill the current task either. Have to exit out of Powershell entirely.

This also doesn't work on Node 5.1.0 latest update, however, if you have Github for windows installed and installed Git Bash along with it, it works perfectly on Git Bash. Link here below and hope this helps someone for the time being:

mbleigh commented May 23, 2016

This should be working in firebase init now, though the underlying Node bug still persists.

@mbleigh mbleigh closed this May 23, 2016
Karasuni commented Jun 29, 2016 edited

May I ask what the underlying Node bug is? I'm seeing the same issue on Win7, Node v6.2.2, Firebase 3.0.3. Also the workaround firebase init -f <app_name> doen't work for me as the -f option is unknown.

The -f option would not solve the issue also, since you are unable to use arrow keys on the questoin "What Firebase CLI features do you want to setup for this folder?".


This issue happens to my Gitbash sometimes. Sometimes, the arrow keys work, sometimes they do not. Any workarounds?


Try using windows command prompt, I was trying to use the git terminal but it wasn't working, so then I tried using the command prompt (windows terminal), navigated to my project directory and initialized in there, and it worked. It also let me select the options, whereas in the git terminal I wasn't able to select anything with keys or pressing the space bar.

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