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  • Fixes an issue where pushing an empty buffer from the android sdks crashes the storage emulator (#4843)
  • Adds emulation support for extensions that emit events / custom event triggers (#4464)
  • Fixes issue with batchCreate in auth emulator in which it errored for empty mfaInfo (#4848)
  • Fixes scroll bars in the Firestore Emulator UI
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  • Turns on content compression in the Hosting emulator. (#2328)
  • Replaces underlying terminal coloring library.
  • Makes storage emulator multipart parsing handle quotes in boundary header. (#3953)
  • Makes storage emulator content type case insensitive. (#3953)
  • Adds storage emulator support to init.js useEmulator flag. (#4805)
  • Populates resource correctly in storage rules evaluation. (#4329)
  • Reads name from metadata as backup for gcs upload into storage emulator. (#3953)
  • Fixes bug where invalid CPU was set for 16GiB functions. (#4823)
  • Fixes bug where failed function discovery crashed the entire emulator. (#4826)
  • Fixes LIST security rule evaluation in storage emulator. (#4827)
  • Fixes bug where vpc connector setting broke function deploy for old functions SDK. (#4834)
  • Fixes issue where storage deploy targets weren't being fully respected. (#3496)
  • Fixes bug where request.path variable was not set relative to the service in storage emulator. (#4839)
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  • Adds check for callable functions when discovering Hosting rewrite endpoints. (#4792)
  • Allows defaulting to a us-central1 instance of a rewrite function if that function is deployed in multiple regions including us-central1. (#4810)
  • Fixes Storage emulator timeCreated metadata bug. (#4599)
  • Fixes Storage import failure due to missing directories. (#3823)
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  • Adds warnings about upcoming deprecation of --token, FIREBASE_TOKEN, and login:ci.
  • Fixes ENAMETOOLONG bug when uploading files with long paths in storage emulator. (#4470)
  • Adds a bit more help for the hosting:clone command.
  • Restores behavior where Hosting will not fail to deploy if a function rewrite does not exist. (#4792)
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  • Adds the ability for the CLI to automatically detect the region for Functions rewrites.
  • Fixes bug where function timeout couldn't be configured in the Functions Emulator. (#4745)
  • Adjusts API call to test IAM permissions to use the users' project's quota.
  • Fixes issue where storage (and database) targets were not being recognized. (#4752)
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  • Fix bug where functions:config get command failed on empty variable. (#4707)
  • Fix invoker type mismatch for https functions.
  • Add multi-tenancy and multi-factor authentication features in Emulator UI
  • Fix bug where not all the event trigger attributes are copied from build to backend (#4746).
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  • Adds a check for out of band changes before deploying extensions.
  • Fixes issue where firestore:* did not work with --only in deploy. (#4698)
  • Removes DNS flag passed to Emulator UI. (#4566)
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  • Fix bug where Artifact Registry API was not enabled on function deploy (#4715).
  • Fix bug where function deployed failed with message "Invalid function service account requested: default." (#4714).
  • Firestore emulator: fixes condition Normalization to now correctly handles
    cartesian products and flattening in certain edge cases.
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  • Fixes Auth Blocking Trigger registration in the Emulator (#4592).
  • Functions now store docker images on Artifact Registry rather than Container Repository (#4654)
  • Adds better messaging when the Emulator UI isn't started (#3781).
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  • Adds v2 RTDB triggers to function deploy (#4582).
  • Updates the minimum required version of Node.js to be ~14.18.0 || >=16.4.0 (#4580).
  • Fixes issue where init would fail to write existing RTDB rules containing comments (#4596).
  • Bump @google-cloud/pubsub from 2.19.4 to 3.0.1
  • Fixes issue where emualtor commands would error out when frameworkawareness preview flag was enabled and firebase.json did not have a hosting entry (#4624).
  • Updates the underlying HTTP request library for auth-related requests (#4574).
  • Replaces deprecated tweetsodium with libsodium-wrappers.