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Firebase UI React - Example app

This is a sample app showing a usage of the react-firebaseui package in a react app using Webpack and CSS modules.

Initial setup, building and serving.

  1. Create a Firebase project using the Firebase console.
  2. In the Authentication section of your project's Firebase console, open the Sign-In Method tab and enable the Google and the Email/Password sign-in providers.
  3. Install the run-time and build dependencies:
    npm install
  4. Install the Firebase CLI:
    npm install -g firebase-tools
  5. Tell Firebase to use your new project locally:
    firebase use --add
  6. Run the build script to transpile and pack the sources:
    npm run build
  7. Serve the app locally:
    npm run serve
  8. Try out the app by opening http://localhost:5000 in your browser.


We'd love that you contribute to the project. Before doing so please read our Contributor guide.


© Google, 2011. Licensed under an Apache-2 license.

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