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FirebaseUI for web - Auth Demo

Accessible here: https://fir-ui-demo-84a6c.firebaseapp.com.


You need to have created a Firebase Project in the Firebase Console as well as configured a web app.


Install the Firebase command line tool with npm install -g firebase-tools (See docs).

Enable the Auth providers you would like to offer your users in the console, under Auth > Sign-in methods.


git clone https://github.com/firebase/firebaseui-web.git
cd firebaseui-web
npm install
cd demo

This will clone the repository in the current directory.

If you want to be able to deploy the demo app to one of your own Firebase Hosting instance, configure it using the following command:

firebase use --add

Select the project you have created in the prerequisite, and type in default or any other name as the alias to use for this project.

Copy public/sample-config.js to public/config.js:

cp public/sample-config.js public/config.js

Then copy and paste the Web snippet code found in the console (either by clicking "Add Firebase to your web app" button in your Project overview, or clicking the "Web setup" button in the Auth page) in the config.js file.

Integrate One-tap sign-up with FirebaseUI (optional)

If you want to integrate with One-tap sign-up, you will also need the Google OAuth web client ID corresponding to that project which can be retrieved from the Google Cloud Console. This value will need to be populated in CLIENT_ID. The domain of the page has to also be whitelisted. Learn more on how to get started with One-tap sign-up. Skip this step, if you don't want to use One-tap sign-up with FirebaseUI.


Option 1: Compile and use local FirebaseUI files

To deploy the demo app, run the following command in the root directory of FirebaseUI (use cd .. first if you are still in the demo/ folder):

npm run demo

This will compile all the files needed to run FirebaseUI, and start a Firebase server locally at http://localhost:5000.

Option 2: Use CDN hosted FirebaseUI files

If you would prefer to use a CDN instead of locally compiled FirebaseUI files, you can instead locate the following in the <head> tag of public/index.html and public/widget.html:

    <script src="dist/firebaseui.js"></script>
    <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="dist/firebaseui.css" />

Then replace that with the snippet provided in the CDN installation section found at https://github.com/firebase/firebaseui-web/blob/master/README.md.

Finally, ensure you are in the demo/ folder (and not the root directory of FirebaseUI), and run:

firebase serve

This will start a Firebase server locally at http://localhost:5000.