Firereader: A feed reader built with Firebase and AngularJS
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Firereader is a fully functional, real-time content aggregator built using Angular and Firebase.

It contains a fully functional client in the app/ directory, and a service that parses RSS data and pushes it into Firebase in the service/ directory.


To install a Firereader service, follow these steps:

  • open app/js/config.js and set the FIREBASE_URL to your namespace
  • cd into service/
  • run npm install to configure dependencies
  • start feeds.js: FBURL="https://<NAMESPACE>" SECRET="xxx" node ./feeds.js

Use this code in your project

Firereader was built using angularFire as a demo app. If you are looking for a working example project to build AngularFire apps, check out AngularFire-seed!


To contribute to Firereader, please fork this project on GitHub, then use the Pull Request feature to submit your changes. All contributions must pass the Travis integration tests before they will be merged. Please add appropriate tests to the e2e and test unit libs.

Testing your changes

You can test your changes using the Angular built-in tests. See the angular-seed e2e tests doc


Submit questions or bugs using the issue tracker. For Firebase-releated questions, try the mailing list.