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Crashlytics Slack Notifier

Identify important conversion workflows in your app, so that when a new issue is reported in that workflow via Crashlytics, a slack notification will be sent to a specific channel on Slack. This will allow you to react quicker to crashes that impact important conversion workflows of your app.

Crashlytics is a crash reporter for Firebase.

Note: This assumes that you have Crashlytics in Firebase. Learn more about Crashlytics

Setting up the sample

Create and setup the Firebase project:

  1. Create a Firebase project using the Firebase Developer Console.
  2. Enable Billing on your Firebase the project by switching to the Blaze plan, this is currently needed to be able to perform HTTP requests to external services from a Cloud Function.
  3. Include Crashlytics in your project.

Configuring the sample

  1. Clone or download this repo and open the crashlytics-integration/slack-notifier directory.
  2. You must have the Firebase CLI installed. If you don't have it, install it with npm install -g firebase-tools and then configure it with firebase login.
  3. Configure the CLI locally by using firebase use --add and select your project in the list.
  4. Install npm dependencies in the functions directory locally, by running: cd functions; npm install;

Setting up an Incoming Slack Webhook

  1. Set up an incoming webhook integration in your Slack team. Take note of the Webhook URL.
  2. Config and set the environment variable for the webhook URL: firebase functions:config:set slack.webhook_url="https://hooks.slack.com/services/...

Deploy and test

  1. Deploy your project using firebase deploy
  2. Simulate a test crash. Instructions


We'd love that you contribute to the project. Before doing so please read our Contributor guide.


© Google, 2017. Licensed under an Apache-2 license.