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Firebase Test Lab Trigger - Quickstart

This quickstart demonstrates how to trigger a function in response to the completion of a test matrix in Firebase Test Lab.

Setting up the sample

  1. Clone or download this repo and open the quickstarts/test-complete directory.
  2. You must have the Firebase CLI installed. If you don't have it install it with npm install -g firebase-tools and then configure it with firebase login.
  3. Configure the CLI locally by using firebase use --add and select your project in the list.
  4. Install Cloud Functions dependencies locally by running: cd functions; npm install; cd -

Deploy and test

  1. Deploy your function using firebase deploy --only functions
  2. Navigate to the Test Lab section of the Firebase Console and start a test.
  3. Once the test finishes running, view the functions logs for your project, and check that the test run status was logged.

Next Steps

To see how to post to Slack instead of just console.log-ing, check out this sample.

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