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Send a survey when users update your app

This sample shows how to send a survey to your users who have updated your app. App Update is detected using a Firebase Analytics event.

Functions Code

See file functions/index.js for the trigger and the email sending code.

Sending emails is performed using nodemailer a node based Email client with comprehensive EMail server setup. For simplicity, in this sample we're showing how to send email through SMTP using a Gmail account. Be aware that Gmail has an email sending quota. If you are planning on sending a large number of emails you should use a professional email sending platform such as Sendgrid, Mailjet or Mailgun.

The dependencies are listed in functions/package.json.

Trigger rules

The function triggers on changes to app_update Firebase Analytics events. For other automatically logged events see:

Setting up the sample

Set the and gmail.password Google Cloud environment variables to match the email and password of the Gmail account used to send emails. For this use:

firebase functions:config:set"" gmail.password="secretpassword"

Deploy and test

This sample can be tested on your Android and iOS app. To test it out:

  • Make sure you set the app_update events as being a Conversion event in your project. You can do this on the Analytics section > Events tab.
  • Set the project to your Firebase project using firebase use --add then select your projec tin the list.
  • Deploy your project using firebase deploy
  • Have users update your app, for instance through the play store.
  • Within a few hours the emails to the survey will be sent.