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Shortens URLs automatically using the Google URL Shortener API.

This template shows how to shorten URLs automatically as they are added.

Functions Code

See file functions/index.js for the code.

This uses the Bit.ly API.

The dependencies are listed in functions/package.json.

Setting up the sample

  • Create a Firebase project using the Firebase Console.
  • Create a Bit.ly application and generate an Access Tokens.
  • Set the sample ot use your Firebase project using firebase use --add and select your new Firebase project.
  • Set your Bit.ly app's access token on your function by running:
    firebase functions:config:set bitly.access_token=XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  • Deploy the function using firebase deploy
  • Manually add an object to the Realtime Database following the structure described below.

Sample Database Structure

We'll be using a simple database structure:

        link-123456: "https://my.super.long-link.com/api/user/profile/-jEHitne10395-k3593085"

When a new URL (string) is pushed to /links, it gets replaced with an object containing the original URL and a shortened one. This way, you can display a clean URL by fetching /links/$linkId/short.

            original: "https://my.super.long-link.com/api/user/profile/-jEHitne10395-k3593085",
            short: "https://goo.gl/EKDdza"