Firebase Quickstart Samples for iOS
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Firebase Quickstarts for iOS

A collection of quickstart samples demonstrating the Firebase APIs on iOS. Each sample contains targets for both Objective-C and Swift. For more information, see


You can open each of the following samples as an Xcode project, and run them on a mobile device or a simulator. Simply install the pods and open the .xcworkspace file to see the project in Xcode.

$ pod install
$ open your-project.xcworkspace

When doing so you need to add each sample app you wish to try to a Firebase project on the Firebase console. You can add multiple sample apps to the same Firebase project. There's no need to create separate projects for each app.

To add a sample app to a Firebase project, use the bundleID from the Xcode project. Download the generated GoogleService-Info.plist file, and copy it to the root directory of the sample you wish to run.

How to make contributions?

Please read and follow the steps in the



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