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Cloud Firestore emulator quickstart

Let's try writing some simple tests for our security rules.


Install Node dependencies

Run npm install from this directory, and make sure that you have a recent version of the Firebase CLI tool installed (you'll need firebase --version to be at least 6.3.0).

Running the emulator

Setup the Firestore emulator

firebase setup:emulators:firestore

Start the firestore emulator (and leave it running during the tests)

firebase emulators:start --only firestore

Running the tests

To run the tests, execute

npm test

which runs all the tests in the tests/ directory.

    ✓ require users to log in before creating a profile (71ms)
    ✓ should enforce the createdAt date in user profiles (79ms)
    ✓ should only let users create their own profile (57ms)
    ✓ should let anyone read any profile (40ms)
    ✓ should let anyone create a room (44ms)
    ✓ should force people to name themselves as room owner when creating a room (48ms)
    ✓ should not let one user steal a room from another user (119ms)

  7 passing (607ms)
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