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Modifications To Original by Firebovine

I have modified this slightly. This branch is "pixel perfect", so it is meant to be used to generate 1:1 pixels:steps with your machine. It is meant to be used with my own SphereBot firmware branch, available at It generates the correct g-code for use with that firmware to pause on pen changes (along with the Utils/ It also adds a neat option which adds deceleration to the pen movements after a certain position. This allows you to "softly" contact the egg, which I found yields better results, especially when doing tons of stippling type moves.

SphereBot G-Code Output for Inkscape

This is an Inkscape extension that allows you to save your Inkscape drawings as G-Code files suitable for plotting with the SphereBot: I used one of the 3d printed variants with minor modifications, but the electronics I used are from the above thingiverse link.

Original Author: Marty McGuire Original Author's Website:


  • Firebovine made some modifications to work with SphereBot, with firebovine's 1:1 firmware.
  • Marty McGuire pulled this all together into an Inkscape extension.
  • Inkscape is an awesome open source vector graphics app.
  • Scribbles is the original DXF-to-Unicorn Python script.
  • The Egg-Bot Driver for Inkscape provided inspiration and good examples for working with Inkscape's extensions API.


Copy the contents of src/ to your Inkscape extensions/ folder.

Typical locations include:

  • OS X - /Applications/
  • Linux - /usr/share/inkscape/extensions
  • Windows - C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions


  • Size and locate your image appropriately:
    • This is dependent on your hardware. Use PIXELS, and set your image size to be the same as your hardware steps. See Firebovine's SphereBot firmware README for more.
  • Convert all text to paths:
    • Select all text objects.
    • Choose Path | Object to Path.
  • Save as G-Code:
    • File | Save a Copy.
    • Select SphereBot G-Code (*.gcode).
    • Save your file.
  • Preview
    • For OS X, Pleasant3D is great for this.
    • For other operating systems... I don't know!
    • Random gcode viewers sorta work.
  • Print!
    • Use firebovine's SphereBot/Utils/ to send the gcode to the SphereBot.


  • I ain't got nothin' left to do here, seems to work for what I need it for.