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An Illustrator template for printing your own FIFA20 Ultimate Team Card


  • Adobe Illustrator *Amazon Affiliate Link
  • Headshot photo of player with background removed
  • D-DIN Font This is the font that I used in the template. I have included it in the file.
  • Team or League Crest / Badge. Ideally, this would be a transparent PNG or vector file.
  • Country Flag, if you want something besides the United States

What's In The File?

The Illustrator file consists of five layers, one for each element of the card. Each of the layers are editable.

  • Team Crest (Image file)
  • Country (Vector file)
  • Text (Ratings, Position, Name)
  • Photo (Masked image file)
  • FUT Gold Card background


Because we're using a vector file, we're able to scale this to any size we want. I went with 12x18". This makes it large enough to be impressive but it's not quite as big as the version in the Vardy photo. I had it printed on 3/16" Foamcore which makes it nice and sturdy while still being able to be cut.

The Hard Part - Cutting

The hardest part of this whole thing is cutting the foamcore. Like paper, foamcore doesn't come in specific shapes, just the size you select (12x18" in this case), so there was a fair amount of white space around the card which needed to be cut. I really didn't want to have to reprint this so I did some searching and found a helpful video on YouTube with tips on how best to cut foamcore. Essentially, use a very sharp knife and angle the knife to use as much of the blade as you can. I managed to hand cut the card without cutting my hand (which was a concern) and without making any mistakes that necessitated a reprint. By the time I cut the second card, I was more confident and had figured out how to angle the blade to make the best cut.


An Illustrator template for printing your own FIFA20 Ultimate Team Card






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