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Original Author: Georg Fritzsche
Created: March 1, 2010
License: Dual license model; choose one of two:
New BSD License
- or -
GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1
Copyright 2010 Georg Fritzsche, Firebreath development team
#include "win_targetver.h"
#include "win_common.h"
#include "precompiled_headers.h" // On windows, everything above this line in PCH
#include "AsyncFunctionCall.h"
#include "Win/WinMessageWindow.h"
#include "NpapiBrowserHostAsyncWin.h"
using namespace FB::Npapi;
NpapiBrowserHostAsyncWin::NpapiBrowserHostAsyncWin(NpapiPluginModule* module, NPP npp)
: NpapiBrowserHost(module, npp)
, m_messageWin(new FB::WinMessageWindow())
bool NpapiBrowserHostAsyncWin::_scheduleAsyncCall(void (*func)(void*), void* userData) const
return ::PostMessage(m_messageWin->getHWND(), WM_ASYNCTHREADINVOKE, NULL,
(LPARAM)new FB::AsyncFunctionCall(func, userData)) ? true : false;
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