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Next Firebug generation built on top of native Firefox developer tools


Firebug is free and open source software distributed under the BSD License.

Repository Structure

Structure of the extension follows Jetpack standards.

  • data HTML pages, etc.
  • chrome Stylesheets, localization files, etc.
  • lib Firebug extension javascript files.
  • test Directory with test files

Hacking on (aka Firebug 3)

  1. Get JPM: git clone (CFX is not supported anymore)
  2. Switch to the JPM folder and install and link it via npm install and npm link. (Also needs to be done after fetching the latest changes to the JPM repo.)
  3. Get the repo: git clone
  4. (Optional) Install FBTrace in your Firefox dev profile
  5. Run jpm run -b <file path to your Firefox binary> in the directory to launch Firefox (you need Firefox Nightly build at the moment), which automatically creates a clean profile. If you wish to run it with an existing profile (e.g. to include FBTrace), first create a new profile via the Profile Manager, and then run jpm run -b <file path to your Firefox binary> -p <path to your Firefox profile (needs to start with /)>.


Run Firebug with Firefox Nightly on OSX:

jpm run -b /Applications/

Run Firebug with local installation of Add-on SDK (git clone

jpm run -o <path to Add-on SDK> -b <file path to your Firefox binary>

Build Firebug .xpi file for deployment and installation:

jpm xpi

Run Firebug test suite:

jpm test

Running tests requires some external modules, you need to download and install them:

npm install

Start Contributing

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